BBQ Smoking Wood Chips


Sprinkle some BBQ wood chips over your coals to add some smoke to your BBQ!

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BBQ Smoking wood chips are perfect to throw over your coals when you are having a BBQ to add a bit of smoke to whatever you are cooking. These are really popular as they are an easy way to get some smokiness to your BBQ without the hassle.

Best to soak the wood chips in a bowl of water for 30 mins prior to use or to pop them in a smoker box or just wrapped in some foil with some holes in it, just to make them smoulder and last a little longer. But you can just throw a handful of them over your hot coals to get some smoke.

With a range of woods, there is a great choice to help pair with certain foods and wood notes, but if in doubt then go for some Oak chips as you can’t go wrong with those with almost anything on the BBQ.