Oak Smoked Beef Brisket

Hot Smoked Beef Brisket


Our Hot smoked BBQ’d USDA Beef Brisket is smoked for around 22 hours. Juicy and flavoursome, it is great served in a brioche bun with pickles and some of our Furious sauce or goes great with a jacket potato or other typical BBQ accompaniments.

Available in 200g and 500g pack sizes.



Hot smoked BBQ’d USDA Beef Brisket, vacuum packed and ready to warm up and eat it hot, don’t forget to get some of our Furious sauce to go with it though!

You have to think of this in the same way you would when you buy sliced pastrami or cured meats for the sheer amount of time and effort that has gone into making this final product.

All of our smoked products are smoked over real wood for anything up to 48 hours depending on the item. This imparts a wonderful smokey taste and flavour that is superior to so many “smoke flavoured” products you can get nowadays or some slow cooked items that call themselves pulled pork or slow cooked brisket.

Our hot smoked USDA Beef Brisket is smoked for around 22 hours over Oak wood and lump wood charcoal for a wonderful authentic smokey flavour, creating the authentic pink ring around the edge of the meat you can see when you cut through it. The pink ring is what you should look out for when buying any real wood smoked BBQ’d product, as this can only be achieved by smoking over wood. We serve this brisket in our brioche buns on our food truck and they go down superbly well.

We use USDA grain fed beef briskets which are the same cuts of meat used by the smokehouses of america to achieve the great juicy, flavourful results from BBQ’ing/smoking low and slow.

Ingredients: USDA Beef Brisket, Black Pepper, Salt, Oak Wood Smoke. 


To serve hot, reheat product by warming it up in a pan/oven until piping hot throughout.