Oak And Beech Wood Cold Smoked Peanuts

Smoked Peanuts


Available in different minimum weights, cold smoked Roasted Salted Peanuts in a resealable pot.

Smoked over Oak and Beech Wood chips for a wonderful smokey flavour.

Available in a minimum of 100g or 250g.



Cold smoked Roasted Slightly Salted Peanuts in a pot ready to eat.

All of our cold smoked items are smoked over real wood for anything up to 48 hours depending on the item. This imparts a wonderful smokey taste and flavour that is superior to so many “smoke flavoured” products you can get nowadays.

Our cold smoked Peanuts are smoked for around 5 hours over a mix of Oak and Beech wood chips for a wonderful authentic smokey flavour. A great snack and goes well with a nice cold drink.

Allergen information: Contains peanuts (nuts).

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Oak & Beech Wood Smoke.