Feast and the Furious is my smoked food business and food truck established in 2017. My name is Jon and I’ve had a passion for food and cooking since I was young. Self taught, I have turned my passion into a hobby and then into a business. My love of all things smoked and BBQ’d has focused most of my offerings into being items that have been smoked, slow cooked or BBQ’d. My aim is to provide mouthwatering offerings, packed full of flavour, available at markets, farmers markets, fairs, festivals, private functions and to cafes/delis/restaurants. We have our delicious signature 22 hour smoked brisket and we cold smoke cheeses such as halloumi, Brie and Stilton etc but we smoke all sorts from nuts to butter, salt to chocolate, yes you read that right, smoked chocolate! We smoke our products over real wood and charcoal so it imparts the real flavour and aroma of BBQ/smoking. We feel this sets us apart from some of the other “BBQ” products and companies. Slow cooked, smoked or just delicious food is what we are all about!