Our Products

We smoke all-sorts of different products, some for our food truck, some for our weekly Melton Mowbray farmers market and other markets we attend, all available for wholesale requests and all available to order online (coming soon! But email anything you want to buy and we can still sort it out in the meantime.)

So we thought we’d show you our yummy products!

22 Hour Hot Smoked USDA Beef Brisket – the thing that started it all! – (oak)

We smoke our USDA beef briskets over oak wood for around 22 hours, low and slow to make it moist and juicy with great smokey flavour just how real BBQ/smoked brisket should be. Served on the food truck in brioche rolls.

16 Hour Hot Smoked Pulled Pork – (oak and cherry wood)

Our 16 Hour Hot Smoked pulled pork is smoked low and slow over oak and cherry wood till it pulls apart and has a great bark of smokey goodness. Served on the food truck in brioche rolls.

Furious BBQ/Hot Sauce

Furious Sauce is our signature BBQ/Hot Sauce and was in development for years. It complements our brisket and pulled pork brilliantly and is great with so many other things. It is a great BBQ sauce with a little after kick that comes from a secret blend of spices including chipotle smoked chillies. Used on both our meat offerings on the food truck.

Fruity Hot Sauce – Pineapple and Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

Our Fruity Hot Sauce has a lovely sweet chilli sauce vibe with a nice kick of fruit from the pineapple and mango and finishes with a lovely kick of chilli from the habanero chillies. We use this Sauce in our smoked halloumi cheese wraps on the food truck to add a nice zing.

10 hour Cold Smoked Halloumi Cheese – (oak and beech wood)

Our 10 hour cold smoked Halloumi cheese is smoked over a mix of oak and beech wood dust which imparts a wonderful smokey flavour which goes well with the saltiness of the cheese. It’s great sliced and fried/grilled so it goes crispy and that’s how we serve it in wraps on the food truck.

10 Hour Cold Smoked Brie – (oak and beech wood)

Our 10 Hour Cold Smoked Brie is Smoked over a mix of oak and beech wood dust. Subtly smokey flavour adds something a bit different to a normal Brie and is great in a ham and Brie toastie as its melts beautifully.

10 Hour Cold Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella – (oak and beech wood)

Our smoked Buffalo Mozzarella is great to make a salad a bit more interesting or on a pizza to give great smokey flavour to your favourite pizza. It melts nicely and has a wonderful smokey flavour but is still brilliantly creamy at its heart.

8 Hour Cold Smoked Stilton – (oak and beech wood)

Our 8 Hour Cold Smoked Stilton is a great twist on one of the most classic of British cheeses. Wonderfully creamy and spiked with its blue veins and then taken up,a notch with a smokey kick. What a great addition to a cheeseboard or makes a great smokey Stilton sauce to go with a steak.

12 Hour Cold Smoked Cheddar – (applewood)

Our 12 Hour smoked cheddar cheese is one of the more common smoked cheeses that you may have come across before. Lovely smokey kick to a nice matured cheddar, this melts great on some cheese on toast and don’t forget a splash of Worcestershire sauce!

12 Hour Cold Smoked Red Leicester – (applewood)

Our 12 hour smoked Red Leicester cheese is another cracking cheese for cheese on toast and would make some lovely smokey cheese scones. A classic local cheese and it tastes even better with its smokey flavour guaranteed to add a bit more interest to a cheese sandwich.

8 Hour Cold Smoked Feta – (oak and beech wood)

Our smoked feta cheese started out as a test item but once we smoked it and had it crumbled over a lamb burger we were hooked! The smokey, creamy saltiness of the cheese is great and lovely crumbed over any lamb dish or over some seasonal vegetables, it’s almost like using it as a seasoning on things.

8 Hour Cold Smoked Slightly Salted Butter – (oak and beech wood)

Our Cold Smoked butter is a great addition for any foodies fridge. It is so versatile and you can use it for all sorts with some of our favourite ways of using it being, in mashed potato or even just slathered on some lovely hot crumpets. The smokey flavour permeates the whole block of butter and a little goes a long way.

48 Hour Cold Smoked Garlic Bulb – (oak and beech wood)

Our smoked garlic is cold smoked for 48 hours to impart as much smokey flavour as possible. Smoked garlic is great to use in all sorts of dishes but because a lot of the smokiness is on the skin, you can leave the skin on the cloves in many dishes. Put them in sauces or roast dishes etc and the smokiness is imparted from the skin as well as the garlic itself.

12 Hour Cold Smoked Sea Salt – (oak and beech wood)

Our smoked sea salt is another of those ingredients that can be used in all sorts of dishes. Anywhere you use salt normally you can substitute with smoked salt, but it maybe strikes more of a punch when it’s sprinkled over the top of something to season it, over a nice piece of fish or a lovely steak it adds a subtle smoke flavour which enhances the flavour and adds great smokiness with our having to actually smoke anything.

5 Hour Cold Smoked Salted Roasted Peanuts – (oak and beech wood)

Our smoked peanuts are ridiculously moorish and addictive. Great with a whiskey (customer feedback of course) or with a nice beer, they are great as a snack.

5 Hour Cold Smoked Salted Roasted Cashew Nuts – (oak and beech wood)

Our smoked cashews were a natural progression from the smoked peanuts. The great smokey taste on lovely roasted cashew nuts works brilliantly and are a great snack again are rather moorish.

We are proud to say that all the wood we use for smoking is ethically sourced from sustainable forrest’s in the UK and is supplied by Smokewood shack. Our charcoal is also from sustainable Forrest’s in the UK and supplied by Oxford charcoal company.