NEW PRODUCTS!!! – Whole Chillies / Local Rapeseed Oil

Well now that the online store is live, we have been working hard to add some more great products to our line up!

We have our own range of whole dried chillies to choose from now. Theses include some really tasty chillies as well as the hottest in the world! We have some of the chillies we love and use when making our hot sauces and some others that are great for flavour as well as heat.



New Chillies Online and on our market stalls now!!

These include one of my favourites, the chipotle which is a pecan smoked jalapeño chilli. Rehydrate them in some hot water for 10 mins then blitz them and mix into some mayonnaise for a wonderfully spicy/smokey mayo that goes great with all sorts!

Also for all those chilli heads out there we stock the 2 hottest chillies in the world right now which are the Naga – Ghost chilli and the Carolina Reaper! Not for the faint hearted! We also have the smoked version of the Naga – Ghost chilli and will have the smoked Carolina Reapers very soon also.


Another lovely addition to the online store and available on our market stall is some locally sourced Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from Kirk Farms which is just around 10 miles away from us . We tried some of this oil and found it to be so lovely with nutty and buttery flavour so we had to bring it to you, our lovely foodies to taste just how good it is. Its great as a dipping oil for bread but it also is great for doing your roast potatoes in, so its a very versatile addition to your cupboard.

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - 500ml Kirk Farms

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – 500ml Kirk Farms


We hope you love our new products as much as us and keep an eye out for some more new products coming very very soon…..




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