LIMITED EDITION – BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks


Use a chunk or two on your BBQ coals to add some unique smoke to your BBQ!



We will have a new LIMITED EDITION of our wood chunks each year as we recycle ageing barrels from our neighbours Round Corner Brewery. They use a range of different barrels to age their award winning beers and stouts which add unique flavours to the barrels before we cut them up ready for them to hit your BBQ for some unique smokey goodness.

There will only be a LIMITED amount of bags available each year and once they are gone THAT’S IT, THEY ARE GONE FOR GOOD! So catch them while you can! Also make sure to come back each year or look out for our newsletter when we will let you know when the next years batch will be released.


BBQ Smoking wood chunks are perfect to throw over your coals when you are having a BBQ to add a bit of smoke to whatever you are cooking. They are really popular as they are an easy way to get some smokiness to your BBQ without the hassle.

You can just place one or two of them over your hot coals to get smoke that should last up to a couple of hours.