Smoked Garlic Bulb


Cold Smoked Garlic Bulb.

Cold smoked over Oak and Beech wood for around 48 hours for a wonderful smokey flavour.

Great addition to everyday cooking to add subtle smokey flavour.


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Cold smoked Garlic Bulb.

All of our cold smoked items are smoked over real wood for anything up to 48 hours depending on the item. This imparts a wonderful smokey taste and flavour that is superior to so many “smoke flavoured” products you can get nowadays.

Our cold smoked Garlic Bulb is smoked for around 48 hours over a combination of oak and beech wood chips for a wonderful authentic smokey flavour.

Smoked garlic is a great addition to anything that you are cooking and just adds a bit of smokiness to anything you are cooking. Great roasted and squeezed into some mayonnaise for a wonderful smoked garlic mayo. Roasted with with chicken (whilst still in its skin) the smoked garlic gives great smokiness to the chicken as well as lovely sweet roasted garlic as well.