Cold smoking! – halloumi cheese wrap

We thought we would let you see some of our cold smoking activities and explain how we do it. So for one of our wraps that we serve on the van we have smoked halloumi cheese. We smoke our halloumi cheese for around 10 hours in a cold smoker. We normally use a mix of oak and beech wood dust which smoulders and imparts the cheese with a lovely smokey flavour and a slight smokey brown tinge to the outside. We then slice the halloumi when we are serving it and griddle it to crisp it up and serve it in one of our wraps with hummus, rocket/salad leaves and some of our secret recipe pineapple/mango hot sauce. This is a great vegetarian dish on our menu and goes down very well with our customers.

We also cold smoke loads of other items of which some make it into our current menu items and some are for upcoming menu items. We are constantly developing our smoked items so watch this space for more exciting yummy dishes plus our wholesale side of the business.


Jon x

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