Wholesale – Cold Smoking

We also offer wholesale for our smoked foods. We have a range of cold smoked items we now provide for wholesale and available soon in our online shop (under development watch this space). So what can you cold smoke? The answer is almost anything! We are constantly trying and developing new items and so far have a good few items that are really delicious.

Smoked cheeses – As well as our smoked halloumi cheese that we use on our menu at the moment, we also smoke a good few other cheeses which include mild cheddar, Red Leicester, Stilton, Brie, mozzarella and are working on others as well, you can pretty much smoke any cheese! We smoke ours for anywhere between 5 hours and 12 hours and as well as oak wood we use beech, apple wood and cherry wood amongst others as well, always trying to get the best flavour, as all impart a different smokey flavour. We love cheese, and smoked cheese is ridiculously addictive. Whether it’s a lovely creamy cheese like Brie or mozzarella, with lovely smokey flavour to make your Brie and bacon panini stand out from the crowd or smoked Red Leicester or smoked Stilton to make a ploughman’s lunch that no one else has on offer.

Smoked nuts – Smoked nuts were a bit of a revelation to us when we first did them. We do some smoked roasted salted peanuts and they taste great! The smoke almost gives them a lovely smokey bacon flavour/aroma to them and go fantastic with a nice beer, would be perfect in pubs and as snacks in restaurants etc. We are working on our recipes for smoked pistachios and cashews currently so they will be available very soon and we continue to develop the range, testing almonds and hazelnuts and flavours.

Smoked sea salt – Smoked sea salt is great to put in all sorts of different foods and dishes but is also great just sprinkled on a poached egg or over a nice salad. It’s great to put into sauces like Bbq sauce to give it that lovely bit of smokiness too. Smoked for around 10 hours it takes on a golden colour and great flavour.

Smoked butter – Smoked butter has so many uses as well, but is great melted into a lovely piece of toast! It can be used anywhere you would use butter, so it’s lovely in mashed potatoes, can be used in baking to add a bit of smokiness to a cheese scone or anything or great to pop a knob in the end of cooking a nice piece of fish. So versatile and really addictive you find yourself using it in everything. We smokey ours for around 6 hours and we use a slightly salted block which helps absorb the lovely smoke even more.

Smoked garlic – Who doesn’t like garlic? And smoked garlic is even better! We do cold smoked garlic which is smoked for at least 36 hours and is a lovely addition to any dish you are cooking. We also use hot smoking to get the smoke to penetrate deeper into the garlic bulb and make it smokier.

This is just a taster of what we have on offer so far with loads more to come! Keep an eye on our social media to see what we are up to and our website to see what will be available and get in touch if it’s something that may be of interest for you to stock/use in items on your menu at your Deli, cafe, pub or restaurant and we can come out with some samples for you to try.



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