Apple wood smoked Vegan Cheeze – LIMITED EDITION FLAVOURS!

We thought we would tell you a little more about the smoked “vegan cheeze” we sell as well as a couple of LIMITED EDITION flavours we are making available for a LIMITED time before we head back to markets very soon!

So if you haven’t come across the apple wood smoked vegan cheese we do before or haven’t had the pleasure of trying some at a market then what is it?

Applewood Smoked Dairy Free Alternative to Cheddar Cheese
Applewood Smoked Dairy Free Alternative to Cheddar Cheese

The base is made using predominantly coconut by a company called Koko and was featured on Jamie Olivers program when they had comedian (and vegan) Romesh Ranganathan on the show. They were trying to find a “vegan cheeze” for Romesh as he said he couldn’t find a good one out there that was anything like real cheese. This particular one that they presented to him is a dairy free alternative to cheddar and we thought we would give it a try. We managed to find out who made it and contacted them with our thoughts on smoking it. They sent us some samples and we proceeded to cold smoke it over apple wood chips like we would a normal cheddar cheese. The before and after from smoking it was a bit of a game changer in our opinion, as before we smoke it we found it to have a coconut after taste and it just wasn’t the savoury flavour we expect from cheese. The texture was great though and it even melted down when cooked so it made it a fab cheese replacement and adding the final element of natural apple wood smoke made it taste just like apple wood smoked cheddar! We sent some smoked samples back to them and they said they thought we had improved it which we were thrilled by.

We have found it to be very popular with our vegan customers as well as many other customers who just love the flavour, happen to be lactose intolerant or find that normal cheese can give them migraines.

You can get it from us at local markets or online here

We also have a few stockists across the east midlands. You can find it at:

Christopher James Deli – Queens Road, Leicester.

Wigston Fields News and Deli – Carlton drive, Wigston.

Stamford Garden Centre – Casterton Road, Stamford.


Now, our LIMITED EDITION flavours have been available at Wigston Fields News and Deli recently and we thought we would make some available on the online store for the first time but only for a LIMITED time before we start back at our markets soon.

So here they are, the Paprika Dusted and the Onion, Garlic and Chive Dusted vegan cheezes! Both are still cold smoked over apple wood but they are finished off with a light flavour dusting to add an extra layer of flavour.

Available for a LIMITED time, get them while you can!

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