Calabrese Pepperoncino Italian Chilli Powder


Lovely deep fruity flavours and good cayenne type heat, these Italian chillies will go really well with all the Italian classics, with a lovely backdrop of heat that doesn’t spoil the meal.

Origin – Italy

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*LIMITED STOCK – When its gone its gone! We don’t know when we will be able to get them back in again!*


Calabrese is a small Italian village located on its southernmost tip of the boot. This area is a seriously good growing climate especially for pepperoncino chilli.

Most of the year is basked in sunshine, the mountainous region is home to lots of trees, along the coastal areas you will find lemons and limes growing, a perfect match of citrus and pepperoncino chilli.

Chillies are harvested between August and October, hand picked pods are dried to provide an awesome balance of true Italian flavour and cayenne type heat.

Can be added to anything that you want to add a little heat too but goes really well in authentic Italian dishes especially with tomatoes.

Grown in Calabrese Italy