Smoked Camembert Cheese

*LIMITED EDITION* Smoked Camembert Cheese


A block of 250g cold smoked French Camembert cheese.

Smoked over oak and beech wood chips for a wonderful smokey flavour.

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*LIMITED EDITION* ….When it’s gone its gone!

A 250g block of cold smoked, French Camembert cheese in its wooden box and then vacuum packed ready to eat.

All of our cold smoked items are smoked over real wood for anything up to 48 hours depending on the item. This imparts a wonderful smokey taste and flavour that is superior to so many “smoke flavoured” products you can get nowadays.

Our cold smoked Camembert cheese is smoked for around 10 hours over a combination of oak and beech wood chips for a wonderful authentic smokey flavour. Great baked in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and a few sprigs of rosemary. Its creamy, silky with a subtle smokey taste.

Allergen information: Contains microfiltered cow’s milk.

INGREDIENTS: Camembert Cheese (Microfiltered Cow’s Milk) , Oak & Beech Wood Smoke.

Country of origin: France