ProQ Eco Smoker – food smoking cabinet


Used to cold smoke a range of food products.

  • ProQ Eco Smoker Box for use with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator.
  • Predominantly made from cardboard, making this product 90% recyclable.
  • Cold smoke foods such as, cheese, garlic, salt, peppers, fish, sausages, bacon and hams, easily at home.


  • Grill Size – 2 x Grills, 27 x 26.5mm each.
  • Capacity – 1 side of salmon (halved), 2KG pork loin
  • Assembled Dimensions (W x L x H) – 290 x 290 x 550mm
  • Materials – Cardboard body, chrome plated grills, galvanised trays.
  • Weight – 2.2KG

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The Eco Smoker Box by ProQ is a brilliant new invention which creates a smoking cabinet for easy and cost-effective cold smoking at home. Made from cardboard, which may not be the most obvious choice, this environmentally-friendly smoker features a double layer construction which is perfect for pre-cured cold food smoking. The Eco Smoker comes flat packed and is easy to put together. The package includes an outer box, inner sleeve base tray, drip tray with handles and three chrome grill racks. Lightweight and easy to pack away after use, this affordable, eco-friendly food smoker is recyclable and perfect for smoking everything from cheeses to fish and vegetables.

Please ensure that this unit is not used indoors, it can create concentrations of carbon monoxide which is odourless and can be deadly if inhaled. Use in a well-ventilated area out of wind and rain.

PLEASE NOTE The ProQ Eco Smoker is designed for use only with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. Using the box with any other brand or size may result in serious injury or damage to property. This product is not compatible with the ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator.


*APC Delivery option only for this bigger item

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